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Who Whines/Cries most about CoD when they play bad
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Clan house Cleaning!
DeathBySalvia 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Apr 2012
We need loyal dependable premium members for the clan to play the clan op!
i WILL start kicking people from the clan who:

1. are not premium
2. premium but do not play clan ops
3. people who do not come to this website and use it!

there are a few exceptions to this and im sure those people know who they are for the others i would liek to see changes or people will start getting kicked

30th Apr 2012 DeathBySalvia
and ninja your on website a lot and your good player and u also siad your getting premium so as of right now your all good bro! plus u kicked my ass in 1v1 pistols :(
30th Apr 2012 DeathBySalvia
only cuz u can help me tweak the website
30th Apr 2012 2legit2quit
I am in the others section or your favorites? ;)
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